Skratch Ceramics


Kind words from a few of my happy customers...

“My pot arrived beautifully wrapped as always. It is even better than I had hoped for. The blue colour is so wonderful, the pattern is so detailed and lovely and it feels so nice to touch. It was in my kitchen and in pride of place within seconds!! I feel the beginning of an addiction! Thanks!!"

Aimee West, Devon - May 2017

"I wanted to let you know that the bowls arrived safe and sound and I really love them! They’re so wonderful. It’s a great design and a great color and I love the tactile quality of the pinch pots."

Sally Friedman, New York - May 2017

“I’ve decided that my little purchase of a Dinky Welsh Lady Dish is far to blooming’ delightful to give away, so I’m keeping it all for myself”.

Gill Prendergast, Anglesey - April 2017

“Kate - They made it all the way to Kodiak just fine, and I am absolutely in love with them! Thanks so much!! I know Kodiak people will love her stuff - it’s folky and ocean and beautifully handmade”.

Allie Bateman, Alaska - April 2017

“It's absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I want more. Love, love, love it!"

Penny Richardson, Vale of Glamorgan - April 2017

“Even more beautiful in person!"

Chelsea Morgan, Caerphilly - April 2017